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My name is Lawrence Erinwusi, I am a forex trader and an internet marketer and I’ve been in the online space earning actively for some time now.

See, one of the craziest way to make money online is by trading forex.

When I say crazy I do not mean you will just sleep and you will see money flying into your bank account.

See, making money online is not fraud and anyone who is really passionate about making money can get a better life doing this.

However, it require some effort from your ends.

I'll be giving $100 trading support to 10 people

You do not need to know anything about forex to take advantage of this opportunity.

You will be taught how to trade signals and also given signals to trade with.

Over 50 people have gotten support from me in the last few weeks.

A total about two million naira has been given out in the last two months as support for forex traders.

Here are the conditions to get $100 support.

1. Open an account with my recommended broker by using the link on this page.

2. Send your email to me for confirmation.

3. Fund your account with $250 (you will do this yourself)

4. Send me a screenshot to confirm your deposit.

5. Once your deposit is confirmed, you will be added to the signal group immediately and if you have no previous knowledge, you’ll be taught all you need to know to trade signals successfully.

6. Start trading.

7. You start trading, and we must see that you are serious about trading after trading for a week your $100 support will be sent to you.

8. Your bank account details will be requested, and $100 support will be sent to your account.

9. You must trade for a minimum of one month before withdrawal after you get the support.

I know you want to grab this already

But this is the process:

Click on the link below, sign up with our broker, send me your email on telegram or WhatsApp, once I confirm, go ahead to deposit.
Please do not deposit without me confirming, once you are done depositing, send me a screenshot of successful deposit for me to confirm, once it is confirmed, you will be added to the signal group and taught how to start taking trades. Your deposit must not be less than 250 Dollars.
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You can communicate with me on WhatsApp or telegram with this number. Please do not message me if you do not have money to fund your account, this is support funding (as the name implies support, that means you have something and I am only supporting you). Find your way around. You will get your support once you are confirmed an active trader, We want to give out the money to only serious people.
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